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Electro Acupuncture

This well-known interactive system scans the body's acupuncture meridians and acupuncture points and reveals blockages within the system. It then adjusts the points and meridians and by returning a harmonic frequency signal to clear any blockages.


Nutritional Counseling

Assess all deficiencies and excess vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes, amino acids, 

herbs and hormones to balance and manage individual needs.



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Fertility Counseling

Determine the cause of infertility and give therapies to correct imbalances when necessary.


Anti Aging

Tests and treats areas of stress that contribute to premature aging on all levels promoting rejuvenation and renewal of cells.

Distance healing with the SCIO is a state of the art tool to enhance the bodies' innate abilities.


Provides insight to areas of the body that need detoxifying. Information such as the nature of toxicity (isodes), the problem of pathogens (nosodes), inherited energetic disturbances (miasms), and behaviours that interfere with detox can be eliminated.


Weight Management

Identify the root of disturbances causing excess adipose, poor fat metabolism, hormone imbalances, lymph blockages, and cellulite.

Stress Management

Energetic balancing of all stressors such as mental, physical, and emotional from family, work, or associates.

and much, much, more.....


Quantum Biofeedback Therapy  $150

Sports training program for muscle development & flexibility or body sculpting  

Nutritional Counseling  

Quantum Prayer  

Spiritual Healing  

Weight Loss  

Emotional or Trauma Therapy

Stress Relief  

Abundance Program  

Electro Acupuncture  

Eye Program  

Hearing Program  

Skin Rejuvenation  

Pain Relief  

Brain balancing  

Superlearning Program  

Crystal or Gemstone Therapy  

Fertility Stimulatlon  

DNA Repair & Stem cell stimulation  

Build Immune System  

Adrenal Stimulation  

Chronic Fatigue Therapy  

Digestion Therapy  

Dental therapy for cavities

Detox & Blood Cleanse

Cardiovascular Therapy  

Reduce Breast Tissue  

Enlarge Breast Tissue  

Parasite Cleanse  

Lymphatic System Cleanse  

Prostate Therapy  

Chakra & Meridian Therapy  

Aura Cleanse & Reprogram Karma  

Sleep & Relaxation Therapy  

Allergy Relief  

Sinus Therapy  

Animal - Pet Therapy     

Addiction release for smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc....




Hair Restoration Therapy

If hair loss, falling, thinning, or splitting has given you the blues, put the zest back in your life with a new doo. 
Hair has spiritual energy associated with wisdom and strength. When hair has grown to its full length, nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D are produced. They enter the lymphatic fluid and gradually flow to the spinal fluid through the two ducts on the top area of the brain. These ionic changes create a more efficient memory, improved physical energy, stamina and patience. 
Hairs are the antennas which channel the gathered "Sun Energy" or "Pranic Energy" to the Frontal Lobe which is the part of the brain used in visualization and meditation. 
Antennas act as a conduit to bring the greater quantities of subtle cosmic energy. 
Many factors such as stress, alopecia, male pattern baldness, lack of circulation, nutritional deficiencies, chemical abuse, environmental traumas, etc... cause hair to fly away. These things can affect our image, self esteem, confidence, and relationships. There's an answer that will relieve the stressors associated with the lack of flowing locks, and seemingly lack of youthfulness or beauty. 
Quantum frequencies work on an energetic level to balance and restore emotions, health, vitality, and yes, hair. 



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